Covid-19 We are praying for you! Stay safe, social distance and wash hands.

Short-Term Mission Team

Learn how to join us for a short-term mission trip

Covid-19 Pandemic and your short-term mission trip

We are monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic very closely. As of March 18, 2020 Ecuador is on total lock-dock. All of the borders are closed, our Bible clubs are shut down and our E-team cannot leave their houses except to buy food or get medical attention or medicine.

We are monitoring the Ecuadorian news and the United States news for when it is safe to allow for air travel or movement within the Country and outside the Country. No-one knows when this pandemic will be contained or over.

If you have a short term mission team scheduled at the end of May through July and you do not want to wait out the situation, you are welcome to cancel your trip. If airfare was purchased, your group will receive travel vouchers for future airline travel. However, they are not waving the change fees for May through July at this time. The airlines will wave them once the time draws closer. We are hoping that the Covid-19 will subside by the end of May and we can go back to our normal lives in Ecuador. Please contact us for updates or to express your concerns.

who can come on a short-term mission team?

Any like-minded Christian can come work with us. Age or ability is not important either. We welcome mission teams, churches, youth groups, Senior adults, couples, families, individuals and students. We recommend that small children come with both parents.

How long is a short-term mission trip?

A Short-term mission trip is usually one week; Saturday through Friday. However, it can run two weeks.

How can a short-term mission team help us?

We are always in need of help, so we would love to have your short-term mission team come and partner with us in sharing the Gospel and showing the love of Christ in Ecuador.

We host eleven (11) Bible clubs in nine (9) communities. Your short-term mission team would work alongside us and our Ecuadorian team (E-Team: consisting of Nationals and Gringos) to teach Bible lessons and help with crafts, games and snack time. Having short-term mission teams also offers us a helping hand and gives the children an opportunity to get to know you and to see how Jesus operates in your life as another Christian example.  We also hold community events when teams have special talents. This provides the local pastor (when there is one) an opportunity to offer something to his community and a huge platform to share the Gospel and possibly grow or start other house churches.

We believe having short-term mission teams multiplies our hands and allows us to offer more to the communities and the lay-pastors we serve. We received our calling on a short-term mission team, so we know that the experience not only allows God to change the people we are serving, but He also changes us.

what would a short-term team do?

God keeps expanding our opportunities to serve, so at this time, a short-term mission team would work in our Bible clubs. However, we are open to holding special programs based on any special gifts, talents or programs that your short-term mission team possess.

The short-term mission team would be working in our Bible clubs located in remote villages in the Southern Andes mountains of Ecuador.


Kid’s, Youth and Ladies Bible Clubs

Special Events or Projects:

Evangelistic Crusades

Sports, Arts, Music Camps

Teaching English

"True Love Waits" program

Medical, Dental and Eye glass clinics


Prayer walks and surveys for new target areas

Life skills training

Ladies, Mens and Couples Bible Studies and Conferences

want more information about a short-term mission trip?

We host over 25 short-term mission teams each year. We are currently booking short-term missions teams for 2020 and 2021. Please fill out the form below for more information.