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February: This month's happenings

There is no greater Love! John 3:16

Big News and Updates

Our hope is in Jesus, our savior! Isaiah 9:6 "For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


  • Christmas Card: If you did not get our Christmas letter or Christmas Card, send us a call or email and we will mail you one.
  • Bible Clubs: We are starting partial (shorter time) in-person Bible clubs this month.

Big News:

  • Next Ecuador Trip: We are taking 3 people to the Andes and the Coast on the 13th to hold six Bible clubs in the small fishing villages on the Coast. We are hearing from our contacts that we could have more than a hundred children at each location.

Bigger News:

  • The Little Blue Bible: We are well on our way to raising the funds to purchase the little blue Bibles for the children on the Coast. However, we underestimated the numbers we will need, so we are still raising funds for them. Each Bible is $6.00 and purchased in country as the Bible is the same price as the U.S. and we do not have to worry about getting them to Ecuador.
  • Cash App: You can now support Pate Ministries using the Cash App. Our Cash App name is $PateMinistries. You can also support Pate Ministries through PayPal here on our "donate" tab or can mail a check to our Post Office Box and support Pate Ministries through selecting For the children Ecuador, Inc., as your charity and shopping on

Special Prayer Request:

  • Pray for our expansion to the Coast. We will need to raise additional funds to set up the work on the Coast and to hire a new leader and two to three support staff.
  • Pray for our President and our leaders of the United States and Ecuador.
  • Pray for Peace and Unity in our country.
  • Pray for protection for our village children and their families and that they will come to the saving knowledge of Christ.
  • E-team: Pray for them as they minister in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Financial Support: Please pray that during this time of crisis with COVID-19 that Christ will continue to provide the ministry's financial needs.

End of year donation: Over 50% of Ecuadorians lost their jobs during the pandemic, but because of your continued financial support, our E-team did not miss a paycheck. Would you consider an end of year donation to Pate Ministries?


  • Bible Club Project: We are getting closer to releasing our Bible Club curriculum, but we are still looking for a catchy name for our Bible club curriculum. Please submit your name idea to The winner will win a Pate Ministry "Jesús Salva" long or short sleeve dry-fit shirt. It needs to be a name that can be used World-wide. The concept is to teach people how to do Bible clubs in their community or use it in churches or house church that are not reaching the children. It is five year program, starting with foundations of "Who is God and Who is Jesus."
  • COVID-19: Ecuador's cases are down, but it is still not the best option yet for us to be full-time in Ecuador. The E-team is doing all that can be done right now and Gary is busy with sharing about what God is doing in Ecuador and raising funds to start up the work on the Coast.
  • Support: We thank you for your faithfulness in continued prayer and financial support.
  • Teams: We are starting to book short-term mission teams for the Spring of 2021.
Map of the proposed expansion to the Coast and our current Andes mountain villages
Our 2020 Christmas Card
The Little Blue Bible
The Little Blue Bible
Our Cash App QRS Code
The story of little Miguel and his little blue Bible story book
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