Covid-19 We are praying for you! Stay safe, social distance and wash hands.

April: This month's happenings

Times are changing, but our God never changes. Trust in Him!

Big News and Updates

Special Prayer Request:

  • Pray for the safe health and wise decision making for President Trump.
  • Pray the people of the U.S.A and around the world to be well.
  • E-team: Pray for them as they are on lock-down (basically house arrest).
  • Financial Support: Please pray that during this time of crisis with COVID-19 that Christ will provide the ministry's financial needs, which is normally met through the financial support in the form of donations from our individual and church supporters. Our full-time Ecuadorian staff cannot afford to lose their saleries and are being paid as they work from home. Also, all of our ministry expenses are still having to be paid during this time of crisis.


  • Gary and I were able to exit Ecuador with our intern, Colby, just hours before the borders of Ecuador shut down travel by land, sea and air - it was a miracle.
  • Ecuador is on lock-down (house arrest) with a type of Martial Law for 30 days.
  • We are safe with our daughter and son-in-law, but most of Gary's church services have been cancelled, rightly so, under the circumstances.
  • No 2nd grand-baby yet, still waiting for Jacob.
  • It's Gary's Birthday day on March 30th.
  • We raised a good bit of funds to purchase socks for our "Precious Feet Project" in which each child will receive 6 pairs of socks in June. It's really cold and socks are a luxury.

Big News:

  • Pastor Juan Loja gave us an update that they used Samaritan's Purse to help start 9 Bible Clubs on their own. The people in the house churches are running these Bible clubs, modeled after our Bible clubs.
  • The money was raised to help Pastor Gonzalo to build a church building. Some of the steel and concrete pad was already done by him. He and Jenny are currently working in many of the 14 villages in his area with Bible clubs for kids, youth and adults and also making house visits.

Bigger News:

  • In May, Andrés and his family and our other full time E-team member are going to the Coast around the Olón area to search out churches (only a few) and leaders to help us start Pate Ministries Bible clubs on the Coast. It will be the first ministry of it's kind on the Coast. They will stay for approximately 3 weeks. Please be in prayer for this new work on the Coast. We need additional funds and additional people.
  • While the majority of the E-team will be on the Coast in May, we are preparing all of our Bible clubs to run the Bible Clubs. We are providing them with everything they need from supplies, cookies, juice, the lesson plan and crafts to run the clubs. Please be in prayer for their willingness to host these Bible clubs in May.


  • Love and Friendship Dinner: We had over 36 ladies with either their spouse, boyfriend or best friend to a wonderful dinner. Pastor Santiago and his wife Blanka shared a wonderful Gospel message.
  • La Florida Bible Club: We are still getting updates that the ladies of the church in La Florida are continuing do hold the Bible Clubs on their own. Praise the Lord.
  • Itineration: We had a great time of sharing all a crossed the United States for Winter Itineration and we also attended a Marriage Retreat put on by Family Life, A CRU ministry. I highly recommend it. It is worth investing in your marriage.
  • The E-Team: They did an excellent job holding down the office and all of the Bible clubs while we were on Itineration. Praise the Lord for them.

Special Projects this month

  • We are still collecting funds for our precious feet project. $8 will buy a child a pack of 6 pairs of socks.