July: This month's happenings

Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!

Big News and Updates

Big News:

We are in full swing of our summer short term mission teams. We are enjoying all of the youth and adult teams that spend one week of their vacations to share the Gospel and the Love of Christ with our the kids and adults in our Bible Clubs.

Bigger News:

This month we will hold our annual community carnivals in each of our Bible Clubs. We hold our regular Bible Clubs and afterwards break out carnival games each with prizes, a bounce house and cotton candy. We invite the whole community to attend. The kids really enjoy it. Imagine being a rural mountain kid and seeing a bounce house come up from the ground for the first time, it's an amazing time.

Even Bigger News:

Last month we had a church from Jacksonville, Florida that provided the funds and the construction team to build two playgrounds in two very rural church locations. These playgrounds will be used to draw the people from the community to the church and church will use them as a witness tool. You see, these communities do not have any parks for the families to go to play or spend time together, so these playgrounds will definitely draw the families to this church.


  • Project Precious Feet and Project Warmer Winter: We gave out rain boot, rain jackets and winter hats, scarves and gloves to all of the kids in our bible clubs. They were so grateful to receive these items to help keep them dry in the rain and warmer in the winter. Thank you for helping with these two projects.
  • Our new Bible Club in San Antonio: Wow, only after three weeks of beginning this new Bible Club in this little community with a brand new house church plant, we have had great turn-outs to hear the Word of God. We have had large teams, 34 kids and 16 adults packed into a basement of a house church leaders house. Praise the Lord for this new work.
  • La Florida: We have had two reports from the church that the Bible Club is going well. We are so happy to hear this report as we turned over the Bible Club to the ladies in the church over a month ago.
Project Precious Feet
Project Warmer Winter
New Bible Club San Antonio
Evangelistic Playground

Special Projects this month

School Backpack project

In July and August, we will be hosting our annual school backpack project. We will be giving each child a backpack filled with all of the school supplies that they will need to go back to school, including hygiene products and a complete Spanish Bible. These backpacks are a huge blessing to the families. The majority of these families do not have the resources to purchase even a few of the needed school supplies and there are no stores in their areas to buy the supplies if they had the resources. Many of our visiting teams help with some of the supplies by brining them from the United States, but there are many items we have to buy in country. If you would like to sponsor a backpack, they are $20 each or you can sponsor a Bible at $4 each. We will be giving out approximately 450 backpacks this year. You can donate to this project by going to our Donate page and clicking on the "donate" button or writing a check and listing "Backpack Project" in the memo section.