Covid-19 Praising the Lord that Ecuador is very low with COVID cases!

March 2023: This month's happenings

Matthew 5:44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Big News and Updates

March 2023


  • All COVID-19 Restrictions have been lifted! You no longer have to provide vaccination proof or negative PCR/Antigen testing to get into Ecuador or the USA.

Big News:

  • Ministry Center News:
  • Sight and Sound: Our new laser projector and sound equipment were installed last month and Wow, what a difference it has made in our Tuesday night community evangelical outreach.
  • Sunday Night Services: Our services are still going strong and we are having about 20 - 25 people, including all of us.
  • Tuesday Community Evangelistic Outreach (formerly known as the Tuesday Night Adult Bible Study with Christian Movie): It is still high (tourist) season on the coast and many of the attendees are still working late into the evening, however, the numbers are increasing to 200 in attendance, they just do not arrive until over an hour after it starts.
  • Coastal Bible Clubs:
  • The Bible clubs: The children are on vacation now, so our numbers fluctuate grately, but we are still having over 500 children a week.
  • Mountain Bible Clubs:
  • The Bible Clubs: The children continue to come and be led by the National house church leaders.

Bigger News:

  • We need Land: We are praying about the possibility of buying property and have been offered a piece of communal land for sale near our building. We are researching what it means to buy communal land as we prefer private sale land.
  • Spiritual Emphasis Retreat: We enjoyed an amazing week in spiritual renewal with Bible studies from Pastor Tim Rigdon from North Jacksonville Baptist Church and learning how we can better serve the children and adults in our Bible clubs from Rebecca Carrion. It was so encouraging to see our mountain Bible club's volunteer leaders and our coastal E-team engrossed in all of the information provided and ask great questions. Some of our mountain leaders had never seen the beach or a sunset. We also held several team-building activities that were a first for many of our whole team that stretched our faith, and trust, and gave us new views from different perspectives of God's great creation.

Special Prayer Request:

  • Please continue to pray for Andrés and his family as they still have not closed on their house on the coast.
  • Pray for Dena's healing of the blood clot and new diagnoses of Kidney Disease, plus Gary's new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
  • Pray for God to soften the hearts of the Montañita people to receive His Gospel.
  • Pray for the national house church leaders that will continue the Bible clubs in the mountain.
  • Financial Support: Please pray that Christ will continue to provide for the ministry's financial needs for the mountains and the Coast.


  • Check out youtube for more videos.
Gary sharing at our home church
Out of Room - Building
The Nativity
Rebecca and a sweet angel
Out of Room, again!
Our E-Team - Christmas Card 2022
Preaching the Word after the movie
The room was so packed that many siblings sat two to a chair
Bamboo Bible Club
Updated ministry center front
Our Adult Bible Study Graphic, designed by Ted Head at Head Design Group