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September 2023: This month's happenings

Psalm 119:114 You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

Big News and Updates

September 2023


  • El Niño: We are still enjoying warm and sunny days, which is nice.

Big News:

  • Ministry Center News:
  • Sunday Night Services: Andrés has become the primary preacher, preaching the Word, unless we have a visiting pastor. We are averaging about 25 people from the community in attendance, it's looking more like a church plant than a Bible study.
  • Tuesday Community Evangelistic Outreach: We are back to running with almost 300 people. More people are asking for Bibles and want more information. A single Columbian mother of two young boys asked for prayer and food after one of the outreaches, she brought her boys to the outreach because we serve bread and hot chocolate or coffee and she knew the boys would have something to eat that night. We are praying for how to help these people without causing dependence.
  • Coastal Bible Clubs:
  • The Bible clubs: We are having more moms learning the Bible verses to help their children, 4 and under to get a prize.
  • The Mountain Clubs: The Mountain Bible leaders are continuing to do a great job with the Bible clubs.

Bigger News:

  • Mamacitas Project (Little Mamas): Veronica has targeted October to begin this project. We are still collecting baby items for the project too. We are so excited to see this project get up and running. Andrés wife, Veronica will mentor the young moms (ages 14-19), share a Bible study with them, listen to them and so much more.
  • Agriculture Project: Mr. Gomezcolleo reported that the project is going great. One testimony: an immigrant couple in the project, lost their jobs recently, but they were able to have food to eat from their garden, which is sustaining them until they find work.

Special Prayer Request:

  • Pray for us to find private property for us to purchase and build a building that is larger than the one we lease.
  • Pray for God to soften the hearts of the Montañita people to receive His Gospel.
  • Pray for the national house church leaders who continue the mountain Bible clubs.
  • Financial Support: Please pray that Christ will continue to provide for the ministry's financial needs for the mountains and the Coast.


  • We have not found any private seller (not communal land) yet.
  • Check out youtube for more videos.
Gary sharing at our home church
Out of Room - Building
Music Time
Craft Time
Luna loves her helmet of Salvation Craft
Francia shared her healing testimony with us
The reason for the Mamacita (young mamas) Project: Annabel with her newborn
Children playing before service
Bamboo Bible Club
Updated ministry center front
Our Adult Bible Study Graphic, designed by Ted Head at Head Design Group