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June: This month's happenings

Psalm 34:17 The righteous cry, and the LORD hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.

Big News and Updates

God, Bless Our Nation! Matthew 5:6 "God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied."


  • COVID-19: COVID cases are ramping up here in Ecuador. We are now on weekday curfews from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am and weekend lockdowns starting on Friday at 8:00 pm to Monday morning at 5:00 am. You cannot leave your house or go outside unless it is for an emergency without being ticketed at $300 for the first two times then jail after that.
  • Bible Clubs: Pray that we can keep doing our in-person Bible Clubs during this thirty days of new restrictions. We cannot hold our youth or ladies Bible clubs since they start at 7:30 pm.
  • Short-Term Mission Teams: Due to more people being vaccinated in the U.S., we have opened up a couple of dates for very small teams or individuals to come and work with us for a week. Email us if you are interested.
  • We are back in Ecuador: We made it back to Ecuador safely. We are experiencing a little altitude issues, but got to work on the field as soon as we stepped foot in the Country - literally.

Big News:

  • The Bartels: The Bartels made it safely to Cuenca and found an apartment. Pray for them as they settle in, get over jet lag, altitude issues and allergies.

Bigger News:

  • Coastal Bible Clubs: We were able to take the E-team to the Pacific Coast the third week of April to hold Bible clubs in seven areas (two new areas). Unfortunately, we were not able to hold Bible clubs in three of the areas due to new community COVID restrictions. However, in the four areas in which we were able to do the Bible clubs, we had great turn outs of children, teens and adults that heard the Gospel of Christ. We are supposed to return on May 19th, but the restrictions do not end until May 21, unless something changes, if no changes, we will go the last week of May.
  • New Bible clubs: We have started two new Bible clubs, one of which is in an area that is still Gospel hostile. We had over 20 kids and 13 adults attend the first club.
  • The Action Bible: We are raising money to purchase the hardback Action Bible for each teenager in our mountain and Coastal Bible clubs. These are amazing Bibles in a comic book form. Each Action Bible is $19.00 and purchased in country as the Bible is the same price as the U.S. and we do not have to worry about getting them to Ecuador.

Special Prayer Request:

  • Pray for Gonzalo and his family, especially Jr. and Jeny. Jr. is recovering from COVID and Jeny is showing symptoms. There are a great amount of people in one of their villages that are infected with COVID.
  • Pray for our expansion to the Coast. We will need to find leaders for the Coast and support staff.
  • Pray for protection for our village children and their families and that they will come to the saving knowledge of Christ.
  • E-team: Pray for them as they minister in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Financial Support: Please pray that during this time of crisis with COVID-19 that Christ will continue to provide the ministry's financial needs.


  • Support: We thank you for your faithfulness in continued prayer and financial support.
Map of the proposed expansion to the Coast and our current Andes mountain villages
The Action Bible (In Spanish)
Kids on the Coast engaged in the lesson
Kids bring their siblings to club
The story of little Miguel and his little blue Bible story book
Drive-by ministry