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May 2024: This month's happenings

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Big News and Updates

May 2024


  • Bible Clubs:
  • The Mountain and Coastal Kids and Youth Bible Clubs: Gary and Andrés visited, encouraged, and resupplied the Mountain Bible clubs last month.
  • Coastal Clubs: Last month we gave out almost 600 backpacks. The children were overjoyed with the backpacks and all of the school and hygiene supplies. They also started school the last week of April.
  • Ministry Center News:
  • Sunday Night Services: We have a full schedule of teams this month in which the Pastor's of the churches will preach in the service. We are still growing the church.
  • Tuesday Community Evangelistic Outreach:
  • We are still having large crowds coming to the outreach.
  • Land: Please pray specifically for the Lord to open up land along the highway in Montañita which we can purchase at a reasonable price
  • Ladies Bible Clubs: Last month, we have a small group of ladies from Clanton, Alabama come and hold a special Bible club for ladies in the communities in which we hold Kid's Bible clubs. They ministered to over 350 ladies.

Big News:

  • Young Mother's Project: Last month's start of the young mother's project was a huge success. We will have the discipleship class the first week of each month. We also gave out newborn gift bags to 3 mother's last month.
  • Health Clinic: The health clinic has also been a huge success. We have 10-18 patients each week and have identified many patients with serious illnesses that were unknown to them.
  • EFL: Mike and Jeannie McGalliard have been teaching English as a foreign language for several weeks with 4 classes with 8-10 students each class. They get an hour and a half of English and a 20 minute devotion.

Bigger News:

  • Dental and Medical Clinic: The 2nd week in May, we have a team from Fernandina Beach coming with several dentist, an oral surgeon, a medical doctor, a dental hygienist, and two nurses to hold a dental and medical clinic. The dentist will only be pulling teeth and the medical team will be seeing patients.
  • Dress a Girl: We will have the Jacksonville chapter director and another lady with Dress a Girl coming in May to give out handmade dresses to the girls in our communities. The Dress a Girl organization has chapters all over the U.S., they make pillow case dresses for girls all over the world to bring dignity and self esteem to girls. This will be the first time these ladies will be participating in the actual distribution of the dresses they made.

Special Prayer Request:

  • Pray for us to find private property to purchase and build a building larger than our leased building.
  • Pray for God to soften the hearts of the Montañita people to receive His Gospel.
  • Pray for the national house church leaders who continue the mountain Bible clubs.
  • Financial Support: Please pray that Christ will continue to provide for the ministry's financial needs for the mountains and the Coast.


  • Check out YouTube for more videos.
Health Clinic
Easter Craft
Preaching a Wake
Preaching a funeral
Easter Sunrise Service on the beach
Excited about a big comb in the backpack
Backpacks make the kids smile
Out of Room - Building
Gary sharing at our home church
Updated ministry center front
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